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It's amazing to see the different seasons, how it changes, the effect it has on a person and those things we look forward to in it. As we come to the closing of the hot summer days and approach the evidence of the fall season, some of us has already began to anticipate what that season will bring. We look forward to cool temperatures, the changing of the leaves color, the wardrobe change and the fall flavors of pumpkin and spice. We may dislike the raking of leaves, the constant sneezing and coughing and the extra layers that makes us feel heavy. We all have our preferences when it comes to experiencing seasons. But change is inevitable, it must happen. Does it last? No, Is it permanent? No. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the sun", we may not like the changes it may brings but as the verse says it has it's purpose for just a moment, just embrace the changes. If we don't, we will live each day being miserable. We must seek to rise each day looking forward to what is next, because what comes next is what is going to form the rest of the day. It is the choices that we make determine our life. Even God our Creator, though He wishes for us to choose Him, He still give us a choice. He said in Deuteronomy 30:19 "I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live". Everything we do is determine by the decisions we make. Sometimes it affects us temporary and sometimes it affects us permanently. I once heard a quote that teaches us decision making, it says "Do not make a permanent decision on a temporary situation". Decisions and choices shape the courses of our life. How do we try to make the right choice? We should take some time and think about the effects and the consequences of the decision. Who will we hurt, can it be reverse after making it, these are some ways to measure up our decision making. An adulterous woman was brought to Jesus to pronounce judgement upon her, they questioned Jesus what to do with her while reminding Jesus of what the law said which was to stone her to death. What Jesus did was profound, He did not reply immediately, but stoop down and began to write in the dirt. The bible did not mention what He wrote, but I believe He was thinking about what to say next, because whatever He says cannot contradict the Word of God and it would mean life or death for the woman. The point I'm making is that even though Jesus is the Word and He knows everything because He is God, He still took some time to think what He was about to say. Something most of us do not do, we think we have to make that decision immediately or answer that person quickly. There is a scripture I love, 1 Peter 1:13, "prepare your mind for action", It means take some time and think through our next move. Its best to line up our choices to what God would say about it. Would it please Him, would He be disappointed or did we consult Him first on the matter.  All these should be taken into consideration before making choices. Most of the times the decisions are not bad or evil, its just not what God requires at that moment. When we are face with a choice or decision, do not be quick or hasty but make assessment. We can make a choice to have joy rather than worry, we can choose to have peace rather than be in bitterness, we can choose to love rather than hate. But most of all we can choose salvation than spend eternity in damnation. Make the right choice today. Heavenly father I pray that whatever choice that comes our way that we will call upon our Helper to us help make the right decision. We want to please you in every way possible and even though we sometimes make a wrong choice that you are able to correct it if we come to you in prayer. We thank you for hearing us in Jesus' Name. Please like, subscribe and share this video so someone else may be blessed. Thanks for watching. Remember God loves you purposefully and intentionally.

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